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A Morning

Twice in a week, our community rule allows us to leave house garbage to the local garbage-station.
I extended one morning of such a day, my course of strolling out of usual routine, which resulted small discoveries.

I noticed that there was an unattended shrine actually in our vicinity.



Fresh sakaki-twig was dedicated. It was such an impression that I wanted to somehow express it.
Porcelain koma-inu-s(are they lions?) were guarding.

In front of small gate-fold doors, convex surfaced round mirror was settled.
It is as if saying, to know the truth, look at yourself. Hmm, philosophical.
There was a plastic bucket that a local liquor-shop name was written on with a felt-tipped marker.



Miniature monorail was running nearby. This is an equipment to transport bamboo-shoots in spring season from high place.

Tomb of Emperor-Tsuchimikado. It is curious almost nothing was on the ground beyond the torii. Our usual manner is to deposit some money in a box in front of shrines, such place without a moneybox is something embarrassing I will be at a loss what to do. Ofcourse, I know very well goverment doesn't rely on small amount of money from me.



Small buiding in front of the tomb was closed, though, it seemed to have been a facility that we can use a stamp to memorize a service we made, which function moved to some other place.
Although they look whitish as I unpreparedly used camera's stroboscope, kaki(persimon)-s were actually in dark orange color. Season for them is nearly end.

Mamushi(a serpentine) may appear.



Light-orange colored cytrus-fruit must either be ama-natsu or hassaku.
In this area, you can find unattended selling booth here and there, where we can get seasonal products with very reasonable amount of money. One is just in front of my house, from which I frequently get benefits.

View from this high place.



Kyoto-Tower is visible as a distant view.

Something was hanging down the high stone wall from the field above.



It might be pumpkin.